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The rising label iLektrik founded by G-Swatt (Gijs Wattel) started in 2012 with promoting and releasing of a 'new sound'. With the slogan 'Dare to be different' he represents himself and the affiliated artists in the current jump, tek & freestyle scene. From now on all the activities will run through Wicked Soundz, mostly silent in the background.

Wicked Soundz is the label/organisation of (DJ) Yorick Zandee, among others old resident of the legendary club called The-Site [BE].
"iLektrik is a very good addition to our current label, we have a similar vision on music and can complement each other opinion on things."
Wicked Sound will focus primarily on the hardstyle scene, while iLektrik is more focused on jump, tek & freestyle.
"In the past we have often worked together with Yorick. Now we want to grow with our label, if we stand strong together this way we can achieve more."
The next release is planned for april 2014 and will be produced by G-Swatt himself!
For more info: www.iLektrik.nl and www.wickedsoundz.nl